10 Blogs All Marketers Should Subscribe To

10 Blogs All Marketers Should Subscribe To

With content marketing at it’s best in 2017, every marketer has to invest in it in order to be successful and not get left behind! But with so many blogs around, ranging from specific ones to general, ones run by individuals and global companies, what ones are worth your time to read?

Here is the list of our 10 favourites:



Vero is a great blog specialising in Email Marketing, whilst closely related to content marketing and social media, which are covered in numerous blogs, it can be hard to find insightful and interesting material on this topic. Or at least it used to be before we found this great blog!



With over 300,000 marketers and business owners forming the HubSpot community the proof is in the pudding! Publishing daily, there is doubt there is much to be learnt from this giant, covering SEO, social media, lead generation, analytics and content marketing, it is full of valuable content. It even offers lots of different perspectives and expertise from guest blog writers that post regularly in addition to their staff.


Jims Marketing Blog

This is a great blog written and managed by Jim, a marketer with over thirty years’ experience but don’t let this fool you into thinking it can’t be a regular help, with over 300 pages of articles, he has proved he is dedicated to his blog and has a wealth of knowledge! His articles are gabble-free, easy to comprehend and utilise and are very insightful! The blog even has a separate tab for ‘Marketing Tips’ offering simple tips, on all aspects of marketing, that you can easily integrate into your marketing plan.

Content Marketing Institute

Content Marketing Institute

One of CMI’s main hits is their series “This week in content marketing” where they highlight the most recent news and events related to content marketing. But that’s not all, the blog is home to numerous original articles posted by a variety of writers, delving into industry trends, content strategy and blogging best practice, and keeps you informed of the latest events.



This blog is great! Founded in 2006 as a one-man blog, it now has over 330,000 subscribers, receiving valuable information that attracts attention, drives traffic and helps people build businesses. Our absolute favourite thing about CopyBlogger is that it offers a free 20-part course to anyone, covering everything from SEO, social media to email marketing!

Marketing Profs


This blog is one you can turn to for marketing tools, strategies, online seminars, articles and much more! It offers effective solutions to a range of marketing problems, with experts providing information on a range of marketing aspects with everything from industry trends to social media tips.



Hootsuite is a blog focused around social media and how to get it right – consistency is key for your social audience. Their articles really aim to teach social media, Hootsuite provides countless content options for micro-scale businesses looking to adopt a macro approach to posting.

Business Insider

Business Insider

With this giant spanning the world, the variety of articles is diverse and this is what it so interesting! Although there is a strong focus on advertising, the blog posts with the latest news on marketing and influential people, what’s happening in industry-leading businesses globally and of course lots of helpful tips.

Marketing Land


The best things about Marketing Land is that by featuring the breaking news stories about all things digital, it allows you to stay ahead of the competition and be the first to know the latest! The writers often publish practical tips and strategies from subject matter experts which can be easily transferred and used in your own digital marketing campaigns.

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