10 reasons Why Face-to-Face Meetings Are Key to Your Success!

10 reasons Why Face-to-Face Meetings Are Key to Your Success!

Traditional meetings seem to be happening less and less with technological advances in recent years. Take a look at our 10 reasons why meeting face-to-face is more important than ever in both business and your personal life.



Being successful in business & your personal life in general is largely reliant on building long-lasting relationships. Meeting face to face enables you to gain a deeper sense of who the person is, how they operate, and their personalities on both a personal and professional level. Building a lasting relationship is accelerated through a face to face meeting and can cut out the impersonal interactions that take place over email and phone calls.


Sealing the Deal

As mentioned, strong relationships are built quicker through meeting in person. This can help you to reach a desired outcome quicker & seal the deal. It’s easier to negotiate and you avoid the uncertainty and delay that can sometimes occur when trying to close a deal via a phone call.


Personal Touch

It’s easy to show off your personality when you meet people face to face. In person, you’ll show your credibility and build trust while gaining a valuable insight into the personalities on the other side. That’s one thing technology can’t replace, your personal touch!



One of the best ways to accelerate your career is meeting people in your industry, similar circles or from industries you’d like to get into. This can help you to take your next career step and make the right choices. Building a reliable network of contacts can be a great tool for succeeding in business. If you can recommend someone to a prospective client or customer, their likely to repay the favour in the near future.


Body Language

So much what of what we say is unspoken. It’s said a picture can speak a thousand words…so can a facial expression. Lots of what is said can be lost in a telephone conversation & whilst the person at the other end of the phone might sound to be in agreement, they may not actually be able to ‘see’ what you are trying to envisage.



You can ensure greater engagement when meeting face to face. People will feel more involved in the topic at hand as they are part of the conversation and feel their input is valued. They are also unlikely to get distracted or multitask during a meeting. Whilst talking to someone on a phone call, the call could be one of many things that they are doing at one time; emailing, writing, talking…we all do it!


Realise Your Creativity

Meetings create a ‘safe’ environment, presenting an opportunity to share information that we may not be so comfortable sharing by email, or in a report. Eye contact can help to build trust and being face-to-face encourages group members to confide in and co-create with their group. Plus, it allows ideas to spark and be spoken freely.



Face-to-face meetings make it easier to focus and understand. Speed is everything in today’s tech-driven business world but this can often cause miscommunication, so faster isn’t always better. In person you are more able to clarify the meaning behind what you are saying, enabling both parties to leave with a good understanding of what has been discussed.


Emotions Are Contagious

Much like when you share a good laugh with a close friend, positive emotions are contagious in groups.  People in a group mutually influence each other’s attitudes, so positivity and enthusiasm can grow & spread amongst the group when you are interacting with each other.


It’s More Fun!

No one wants to be stuck in front of a screen all day. Meeting new people, getting out there and exploring past your comfort zone is the best way to grow, learn new things & meet new people…

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