8 Reasons to Consider Contract/Freelance Hires Over Permanent.

8 Reasons to Consider Contract/Freelance Hires Over Permanent.

This might be something you’ve never considered, but when hiring for your marketing, digital or sales team, there are numerous benefits to hiring someone on a contract.

Read on for our top 8 reasons to consider contract/freelance hires.


More choice

In being open to hiring candidates who work in contract/freelancing roles, you inherently gain access to many more candidates. This means that for roles where you’re looking for very specific skills or someone with a certain type of personality, you have the benefit of a much larger talent pool to choose from.



Freelancers and contractors will often have worked on numerous different projects across multiple different industries. This means that they will have built up a diverse background of skills, of which they are often able to back up with some facts and figures to show how they’ve made a positive impact in their previous projects.



Freelancers, as mentioned, often build up a plethora of skills. The nature of working on a variety of contracts throughout their career means that freelancers/contractors have been able to gain a broad range of experience in different industry sectors and for numerous different types of projects. In line with this, contracts are often favoured by some of the biggest, most successful companies & so you might be getting some of the best brains behind the nation’s best marketing campaigns & projects.


Try before you buy – Cost & Risk

All costs involved in hiring contractors/freelancers are generally lower than hiring for a permanent role. Initially the cost of the hiring process can be lower (if using a recruitment agency) as the overall fee will be lower and you reduce the overall costs to the company with options to hire someone on day rates for specific projects and timelines.

One of the other main benefits to hiring someone under a contract role is the reduction of risk. If something doesn’t work out, you are not tied into any lengthy contract agreements or terms with the employee.


Dynamism, Autonomy & Innovation

You want to create a level of dynamism in your organisation. With different personalities, backgrounds and experience levels throughout your team, bringing in contractors and freelancers can help to change things up which can often increase the enjoyment for people within your team and helps to promote dynamism and prevents the working environment becoming stale.

Bringing in a fresh pair of eyes and ears also helps to promote autonomy and increases innovation across the workforce. Hiring people for specific goals or projects can be great in boosting innovative thinking in your department/team.



You can hire contractors with numerous different backgrounds and specialities to work on different projects. Rather than struggling to find the one person who can do it all (if they exist) you can tailor your hiring to find the perfect people for each project or goal for your business. You could hire a designer for 3 months and a project manager for a new launch for 6 months when the time comes. This ability to be more flexible in your hiring over hiring permanent positions allows you to build a perfect and dynamic team to reach all of your goals and objectives on time and on budget.


Attitude and Adaptability

Freelance/contract workers rely on achieving results to build their portfolio and career. Unlike many permanent hires, people who take on contract roles are often hired to achieve a very specific goal / target. This means that they work in this way too, working hard and a willing attitude to go the extra mile to achieve and exceed their targets. This mentality and ethos is also contagious and can help in motivating the rest of your team to be innovative and entrepreneurial in their efforts within the organisation.

These types of candidates are also used to working in different industry sectors & quickly adapting to work well within different teams and businesses. This ability to quickly adapt to different teams and environments is a huge benefit to the hiring business and reduces the worry of new employees fitting into the team and company culture.


Potential to Go Permanent

If both parties are keen, contract roles can also turn into a permanent role or at least an extended/open ended contract. In considering freelance/contract candidates, you may find your dream team member. With a portfolio of experience and results driven success in numerous industries and various businesses and a hard-working, highly motivated attitude to working, you might find the perfect person to hire for a more permanent position.


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