Acing an interview – How to become a champion interviewee!

Acing an interview – How to become a champion interviewee!

Interviews can be tough. There are loads of articles online related to what you should or shouldn’t do in interviews. Our consultants have a great idea of what can give you the edge so we’ve compiled a straightforward list of some practical advice for ensuring interview success!

Choose the right recruitment agency/consultant!


You might not think it but this has a huge impact on success. A good recruiter will know their clients well and will be able to identify your key skills and experience to give you the best possible advice for preparing for your interview. This also allows them to effectively sell you to the client meaning you’ve already got a foot in the door before you even arrive.


Don’t leave it last minute!


It’s pretty obvious when you arrive for an interview having spent an hour or two the night before doing your research. If possible, spend some time over the few days leading up to the interview researching the company to fully take in all the important stuff you need to know!


Take notes

As mentioned before, your level of preparation for the interview is easy to spot. Don’t just read about the company, take some notes and bring them in with you. It’s an extra factor that gives a good impression showing you’ve taken your time to find out about the company and you’re keen to know more about them.


Be thorough


The digital age means you can now find out so much more about a company than in previous years. Do some digging, go through their website, social media accounts and any other content you can find to uncover more information. You can generally find out more information that will give you the edge in the interview i.e. Checking a company’s social media accounts and content can help you find out their tone of voice or gain an insight into their culture which will help you gauge the style and way that the employees work together allowing you to show how you can fit in.

LinkedIn is your new best friend

LinkedIn, as above, is a great tool for finding out about the company. Take a look at the company page, their employees, their content and so on to find out as much as possible about the company culture, background and what they are involved in. This extra knowledge goes a long way when trying to build a rapport with your interviewer which is key to successful interviews.


Use a comb!

Yes, brush your hair, but what we mean here is go through the job description with a fine tooth-comb and pick out any key areas that you know you can contribute to or enhance to aid the company in their business growth. Highlight areas where your experience or knowledge would help you to really add some value to the business (Then, go through it again because you probably missed parts the first time round.)


Prepare your look!


This seems obvious but people do get this wrong. Un-ironed shirts, dirty shoes and so on all give off a bad impression which will immediately start your interview off badly. Also, make sure you dress appropriately. Find out what the company culture & style is either by asking your recruitment consultant or doing some research. Turning up for an interview for at Ticketmaster HQ in London (where they have a SLIDE) dressed in a 3 piece suit is likely to affect your chances of getting the job.


What can you bring to the table?


Really think about and plan what you bring to the table. Come in with a clear strategy of what your value is to the organisation & tell the interviewer why you’re right for the job. Have a clear career plan set out so they can see you’re interested in progression & (again) adding value to their team/business.


Dynamite questions!


You don’t want to be asking random questions or trying to throw the interviewer off but prepare to ask some great questions that will show how interested you are in the company i.e. what are the future plans for the company/team, what does the interviewer think of their organisation / what do they enjoy most about working there.



That lifelong cliché applies to interviews – practice makes perfect. Practice what you’re going to say and prepare to respond to any questions or eventualities of the interview. This will not only show you’re keen and well prepared but will also go a long way in stifling any nerves or doubts you may have about how your interview will go.

Overall, if you follow these tips and be yourself, more often than not you will see success in your interviews. The people interviewing you are already interested in finding more about you and want to see how you can fit into their organisation.

Go in prepared, build a rapport with your interviewer and get your dream job!

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