Could Freelancing Be the Way Forward? Top 10 Benefits of Freelancing.

Could Freelancing Be the Way Forward? Top 10 Benefits of Freelancing.

Whether your looking for your next freelancing contract or thinking about a career in this area, take a look at our post on the Top 10 Benefits of Freelancing! 


Try Before You Buy

Not every role is going to be the perfect fit for you but sometimes it’s not as easy as just leaving if you feel like you’ve made a bad choice. That’s one of the major positives of working as a freelancer. If it’s not the perfect role for you, you’re not locked into a lengthy contract and there is an expectation for you to leave following your contract length. However, another benefit is that if you do love the role, there is always the opportunity to extend your contract or move into a slightly different role.


Gain skills

Freelancing gives you the opportunity to gain a broad range of experience from working in various different roles. It enables you to hone your skills and focus on specialising in certain areas whilst also having the opportunity to work in broader roles to learn valuable new skills and experience different company cultures.


Flexible Working

Many employers do provide flexible working within permanent roles but not all do! Freelance roles are often a lot more flexible. You have more freedom to ask for adjusted working hours and even to shorten your working hours.



We all know money isn’t the only thing to look for in a role but some of the day rates offered on contract roles are very generous and this extra salary can boost your motivation, make you feel more appreciated and with some extra disposable income there’s less to worry about and more for a beer or two at the weekend!


Prove Yourself

Whether it’s your length of experience, industry background, or the time spent at your last company, employers often need some validation of your skills. Freelancing can enable you to find your perfect job whilst gaining lots of experience over a short period of time. Working in a contract role can also be an attractive proposition to prospective employers too as the flexibility can also work in their favour.



Freelancing allows you to meet so many new people within your industry. Whether it’s friendships or business relationships that you build, creating a strong network of people in your chosen industry is extremely valuable to your future development. Building a network and your personal reputation can also help to build up your list of future contracts!



You can take as much time as you want! Once you have completed a contract, who’s to say you have to start another one straight away. Not being tied into a permanent role enables you to take more time out in between work to go on holiday or just have a break. The flexibility around holiday time can be great for marketers who often have other creative projects that they want to pursue.


Big Players

You get the chance to work with some very cool brands that are often very difficult to get into! This means you’ll have lots of great company names to pack into your CV and wow future potential employers.



Freelancing can give you more opportunity to travel. Working on a contract can enable you to be flexible with where you are working and provide you with the scope to work in multiple different places. You’re not tied down to one office and often perks can include paid travel and accommodation.



Many people working in permanent roles have moments where they find themselves losing interest or finding certain tasks at work tedious. The flexibility and variation of working on contract roles enables you to be involved in multiple different teams, working on different briefs and interacting with lots of different people and products. For most people, this is one of the major benefits of working on contract roles as your general level of excitement and interest in work is much higher.

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