How to handle a counter offer

How to handle a counter offer

Your offer has come in, and surely after perfecting your CV, battle through job adverts and acing the interview process, all the hard work is over! But what if your boss doesn’t want to let you go? This is when it can become awkward but hopefully, this will help come to you in making your decision…



So with potentially two offers on the table, you may feel in a great position and feel your efforts and skills are being appreciated and acknowledged but ask yourself why is your boss only offering you a pay rise now? It’s likely to be because when you announced your offer from another company, your bosses mind filled with panic – recruitment fees, advertising, interviewing and training! Realistically this offer is not sincere, whereas the offer from a new company has come from them being genuinely impressed with you and wanting you as part of their team.


Know what is on the table

Many employees tend to assume money is all that matters to employees but that is not the case! It might be job security, flexibility, progression or prospects that pushed you to look elsewhere and you need to discuss this with your employer. Make sure all your concerns and requirements are discussed and consider whether your current organisation has a track record of helping its employees to reach their full potential.


Other reasons?

Consider the reason you were looking for a new job in the first place. Was it all about money? Perhaps you are looking for a new challenge, new colleagues, more responsibilities, or flexibility at work? Maybe you were looking to switch industries to follow a passion or interest? By accepting a counter offer, it typically prevents you from accomplishing these goals, so you have to assess how important these are to you in the long term.

Hand shake


Relationships are everything in marketing and by accepting a counter offer it can jeopardise relationships with both companies. Your current company whether you accept the counter offer or not are always going to know you were looking elsewhere so they may question your motives and dedication. By accepting the counter offer could also have a detrimental effect on your relationship with the other company as they are unlikely to ever look at hiring you in the future.


Go in with your eyes open

With more than 60% of UK-based employees who accept a counter offer ending up leaving the organisation within six months, perhaps taking the easy option and staying at your current company is not always the best.


Take a step back

Before accepting any offer it’s important to take time to think objectively, ask yourself which organisation you will add most value to and which position will be best for your overall career. There a lot of things to consider, how long you’ve been at your current company for, are the cultures different, and where will you be able to reach your full potential and be happiest.

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