How to stand out with an incredible CV – Our Top 4 Tips

How to stand out with an incredible CV – Our Top 4 Tips

Writing a great CV can seem like an enormous task.  Our recruitment consultants look at hundreds of applications and CV’s on a daily basis which means we have a pretty good idea of what a great CV looks like. So, we’re here to help!

Read on for some practical tips on how you can alter your CV to get to the top of the pile.


Be Clear

It’s obvious, but a clear, well-presented CV goes a long way to getting you to the top of the pile when sifting through hundreds of other applications. Keep your font consistent throughout, use bold text and or bullet points to highlight the necessary parts. Make the reader’s job easy so they want to keep on reading.


Be concise. Tell us what you’ve done that’s relevant to the job you are applying for. It’s great to be articulate in your CV and there is probably numerous things you could say about your experience, but the initial window of interest when someone is reading your CV is small and you need to make sure they want to read on.


Layout plays a big role too. Keep your most recent and relevant employment at the top and work down with education at the bottom. Follow this general layout and you can’t go wrong:

  1. Profile
    • A brief profile about yourself, enough to keep the reader interested in you as a person/potential candidate.
    • Try to add something unusual or unique about you that makes you stand out.
  1. Job Roles
    • A short summary of your job role followed by bullet points outlining your achievements in that role. If possible, it’s great to include figures or proof of ROI in this part.
    • Outline your responsibilities in the role and remember to keep this relevant, concise and provide clear dates.
    • Follow this layout for each role & the reader will be able to clearly see your value!

Stand out (Within Reason)

It always helps to stand out. But there is a fine line between a CV that stands out and one that is painful to look at. Stand out in what you have done, not through crazy fonts, colours or layouts. Write it in your normal style and highlight your areas of expertise.

Bring your CV to life with some interesting, unusual things about you and what you do in your spare time. Ultimately, your CV is the first representation of you. You’ve sent it out to get a better job and you need the reader to be able to identify that you can add value to their business! Competition is fierce, but follow our practical advice and you’ll be okay.

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