What Employee Benefits Should You Be Offering?

What Employee Benefits Should You Be Offering?

What employee benefits should you be offering?

With nearly 3 in 5 people declaring benefits and perks as being among their top considerations when accepting a job, employers are raising the bar even high when it comes to their offerings to candidates. But beyond a good holiday package and pension, what else can you offer to secure outstanding talent?


Release Potential

Personal development is always going to be a top priority for an ambitious employee and being able to fulfill this need is great! It doesn’t have to be investing in professional higher education, personal development could be anything from an internal training course to shadowing a colleague. It’s just about helping the individual to build their skills to align with their goals and maximise their potential, by offering these opportunities it shows you’re invested in your employees and this, without a doubt, is a very attractive quality.



Flexibility in the relationship between employer and employee is crucial, employees have to feel their needs will be acknowledged. Microsoft, one of the world largest technology companies, operates an ‘anywhere working’ policy that allows employees to work from home, in another office or remotely. Enabling employees to choose their environment to fit their working day and manage any unexpected issues. Benefits might be hard for you to have faith in but by offering something like one day a week of flexible working could work for your business.

Times of Need

Times of Need

There are many times an employee may need extra support from the business, and by being prepared and offering this at the start, it can show your business in a very favourable light. For example, Twitter is well-known for providing perks such as three catered meals a day, but some lesser-known benefits include on-site acupuncture. Google even provides the surviving spouse or partner of a deceased employee 50% of their salary for the next ten years, which can really help people in their time of need, and reassures an employee heir family will be looked after. But our personal favourite is BrewDogs ‘Pawternity’ leave, offering their employees one weeks paid leave to welcome a new puppy into their home!



Offering employees benefits that can help them enjoy the aspects of their life, other than work, is essential! REI encourages its employees to get outside by offering two paid days off, called “Yay Days,” a year to enjoy their favourite outside activity, encouraging employees to get out and about in the world. Salesforce employees receive six days of paid volunteer time off a year, and if they use all six, they receive a grant to donate to a charity of their choice. Not every business can afford this, or would even think this is appropriate for their team but you can offer more standard benefits to achieve the same outcome. For example, here at Jamie Miller Marketing Recruitment we offer a policy that allows employees to change their working hours one day a week to have an early finish allowing them to pursuit their hobbies, spend more time with their families or even start the beers early on a Friday!



Incentives are a great reward, beneficial for employees and the employer! By offering incentives, most commonly a bonus, it can encourage the employee to be more proactive but also gives them a nice reward and recognition for their hard work. We have monthly revenue targets that if hit, mean the team get a half day on the last Friday of the month. Incentives can come in all shapes and sizes and it doesn’t have to break the bank to work, you could offer time off, a lunch or even a night out.


Unsure still?

Employee benefits can be a hard thing to decide upon; what’s right for your business? Is your package competitive enough? Will it be worth the expense? But that is why there are companies out there that can help, like Edenred and Perkbox, they can tailor the package to your needs, your business, your stereotypical employee and your budget.


How Much Do Employee Benefits Really Matter?

Whilst these benefits will help secure talent and ensure employee happiness it is also extremely beneficial for the business. They can lead to a boost in employee morale, increased dedication, loyalty and productivity, as well as contributing to culture.

If you’re still not sure, why not get in touch with us. Being involved in the recruitment process with so many businesses we are aware of their packages and benefits so can let you know the industry standards, regional standards and you just give you some friendly advice!

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