How To Find The Perfect Job After Graduating

How To Find The Perfect Job After Graduating

Having shed blood, sweat and tears finishing up your last dissertations and your degree, starting your job search is likely to be unappealing. But, if you are career driven and are set on building and sculpting your perfect career, then your job search needs to be a priority!

Here are a few tips for making the process easier and ensuring you can secure the right job for you:


Although your degree is over, it’s much the same in the way you need to start with research. What is the ideal first role for you, where will it be, in what sector, think about what is most important to you and what don’t you want to comprise on. Once you have this set in your mind, you can go out and get it. Start with what companies are currently offering this, job boards like Reed, Total Jobs and our jobs page are great places to start looking.


One of the most frustrating things as a graduate can be hearing ‘you need experience for this,’ when you are looking for a job to gain experience! It can feel like a vicious circle but keep positive! Try something a bit different, get an internship or ring a few of your favourite companies and ask to shadow someone for a few days. Or you could try something on your own; starting your own blog or even your own small start-up.


Go out and meet people – get your name out there. Meet recruiters, old lecturers, any contacts you have in companies, even if they’re not in the field you want to go into, it is still worth talking to them and can be very beneficial.

Social Butterfly

We all love our social media, but ensure all your profiles are professional and that you are not sharing anything that could shine a bad light on you.

Now to the world of LinkedIn… it’s likely that you don’t have a profile, but don’t worry they’re really easy to set up and can be very beneficial to your job search! When setting the page up, keep in mind this is a professional social network, so pick a professional picture. Choose an aspiring headline, include relevant work experience and make sure you get someone to proofread it before posting. Now you can start building a network by connecting with relevant professionals in companies you’re interested in, this can help you secure meetings and help you further research into companies.


Register with a reputable recruiter, preferably a specialist recruiter. Recruiters are not always working on graduate’s positions but they will know companies that regularly hire graduates and companies that are in the sectors you’re interested in. They will be able to give you places to apply to but can also use their contacts to approach companies on your behalf.

Busy Bee

Businesses want to see enthusiasm and drive from employees, so keep on your feet. Get out and about doing what you enjoy, it’s great to have some interesting hobbies to talk about in a covering letter or interview.


Volunteering is something else that is a great conversation topic but also shines on your CV. A common mistake made by people is thinking employers will only be interested in experience in their field, this is 100% incorrect! Most employers are not worried about where you’ve been volunteering but are just inspired by the fact you’ve been giving up your time. It shows your determination and ambition, and that is what they are interested in!


Stay positive! It might not go exactly to plan at first but you will get there. Just remain positive and keep going, people will recognise and appreciate your motivation and dedication.

However, if you are struggling or need some extra advice, please get in touch! We are always here for a chat!

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