Get to know Paul – A Junior Designer…

Get to know Paul – A Junior Designer…

Get to know Paul, a Junior Designer at Animal, from Weymouth…

Tell us about yourself

I am a designer who has recently moved from a boutique brand consultancy, after being there for over two years, to a retail brand. I love everything about design but was looking for a new position to broaden my skills, get some experience with digital design in another sector.

What excites you most about design?

The concept of communicating a complex idea in the simplest way – that’s cool. And the power of design, how a simple sketch can go worldwide within minutes, the reaction to design is remarkable.

What did you find most challenging about job hunting in the South West?

The competition for the roles, they are really sought after and trying to stand out is hard, especially when you hate interviews!

How important do you think tasks are as a designer?

So important! For me I love having a task, it allows you to show your skills and ability and have fun with it. A task just reinforces what you’ve said in an interview, it sets you apart from others and gives you another chance to shine if you feel you didn’t perform your best in the interview.

How did you pick what pieces to include in your design portfolio?

Firstly, I put all the pieces that were industry recognised and featured on popular design websites and I highlighted them for this. For the other pieces, I just tried to show a broad range of skills and styles and asked others in the industry for their opinion. What is important, is the quantity, it’s having enough to show your ability but not too much, to overload people.

How is it making the transition from agency to client-side?

I am finding the transition fairly smooth, I think being in South West the move is a lot easier as businesses seem fairly open to people having different backgrounds. I think being client-side is great, it allows you to collaborate on projects more freely, work more agilely and bounce ideas off each other whilst all striving for the same goal!

How did working with a recruitment agency help you?

I think working with an agency is invaluable. It’s helped me in a multitude of ways; getting a second opinion on my work, CV advice, interview tips and the reassurance of having someone at the end of the phone who wants to help, really boosts your confidence.

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