Hiring Decisions – Personality vs Competency/Experience

Hiring Decisions – Personality vs Competency/Experience

During your next hiring process, you may have overlooked the fact that, at times, you might need to decide between personality and competency. The reasons for this might not be apparent, so keep reading as we’ve got some tips and ideas for how to prepare and approach this tough decision.

Personality versus competency/experience is something you need to look at beforehand to understand what you are looking for in your next employee. You will rarely find a candidate with it all, they are out there, however, if ultimately you were forced to choose between two great candidates, one with the perfect personality the other more competent for the vacancy but maybe lacking in the personality dept., who do you choose?

Good question. Here’s our take on tackling it:


What’s important to understand here is that the decision will depend upon the circumstances of your hiring process, i.e. who is in your team, who is interviewing, what the role involves, what your goals are etc.

If possible, a good mix of the two is obviously preferable. However for example, if you’re looking for a quick and substantial boost in your sales and hiring for a contract position, then competency is likely going to be more important to you than personality. In this instance, someone who has a wealth of experience in your industry and sector might be the best thing for your team.

If you’re looking to grow a team of people who all get on amazingly well together and will work together in harmony for foreseeable future, then you will likely need to look at your culture and who has the most suited personality to slot into your team.

Clarify in your mind what you need this person for; you might get on amazingly with Candidate A but if they’re lacking in experience and they’re only going to be in the office 1 day a week, maybe hiring Candidate B with a decade of experience is a better bet for your organisation.

Ultimately, this all ties into company culture, understanding your organisation’s needs and finding that perfect fit. Take a look at our top tips on ‘How to Interview a Candidate’ & ‘How to Tackle Your Next Hire’ for some extra help in succeeding in this process!

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