Get The Job You Want – A guide on making a career change

Get The Job You Want – A guide on making a career change

Human nature denotes that we have a tendency to change our minds. Which is why people often get stuck in a career they’re not happy with. Making a career change into a new sector or business are can seem daunting but we’re here to tell you it can be done, and here’s how:

Transferrable Skills

Transferable Skills


You might not realise it, but you could already have the skills required for your next change. Take the time to write out everything you have done and map out the skills you have gained against those that are necessary or desirable for the areas you’re looking to move into. This can help you identify where your skills crossover. Or worst case scenario, this will outline where you might need to improve or where you need some extra training.

More often than not, you’ll have picked up skills and experience throughout your career that transcend industries and/or roles. You can always improve but gaining a clear idea of what you have is a great place to start.




Effectively selling yourself is great way to enter into a new career. It takes some practice but get this nailed, and it can open a lot of doors for you. Any great salesman will know this, but you might have all of the skills needed and the perfect background, but if you don’t effectively and confidently communicate this, your interviewer won’t know what you’re all about or what you can do!




This doesn’t mean you need to reinvent yourself as a person. Most of the time, finding a company that mirrors your personality and characteristics in their company culture is all you need. It’s worth noting that many companies place huge emphasis on finding the right person culturally along with right background. This can even play a bigger role in their hiring process meaning, if you’re the right fit, you could get ahead of those with more experience.

Hard work

Hard Work


Nothing can replace good old fashioned hard work. An obvious one, but if you really commit and work hard for what you want, it’s the most sure-fire way to achieve it! Do your research and anything you can to gain the skills and experience you need. The people who succeed in life are those that are willing to work hardest for it in order to beat their competition.

Professional qualifications

Professional Qualifications


Professional qualifications are another great way to diversify and enter into a new industry or career. Your current employer might even have personal development schemes in place to help you do some extra training. Failing that, there are numerous industry specific, day-long workshops or part time courses you can attend that will help you get the edge over any competing candidates.

Overall, combine the above points with some determination and you can make the move into the dream-career you’ve always wanted. For some extra help in achieving you goals, (if you haven’t already) be sure to check out our posts on ‘Acing an Interview’ & ‘How to stand out with an incredible CV’.

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