Managing a team: Where to begin?

Managing a team: Where to begin?

In any line of work progressing and managing a team is a big achievement and honour. With that comes a lot of responsibility and it’s not easy but when done right the rewards are endless. Here are few tips we put together, to try and help you have a successful and painless transition into a manager.

Managing a team is a really important duty and it takes time! Don’t expect to just fit it in around your other responsibilities, you need to set time aside for your team. Delegating efficiently will really help this so make sure you are given out responsibilities based on people’s strengths.

It’ all about the team
Get to know your team – properly! Go on a night out or for a team lunch, ensure your team see you as one of them and can connect with you. You need to build trust and gain their respect, not just expect it.

Communication is key
Forget being on the same page… you and your team need to be on the same sentence! Keep everyone in the loop at all times, to build relationships, assess progress and identify any potential issues. Ensure expectations and responsibilities are clear and show a real interest in what your team members are doing – they’ll really appreciate it!

Be You
You’re only human and your team know that. So, if you’re under pressure or need a helping hand just ask and if you make a mistake, admit it! Your team will really value this and by showing your human side your team will feel more comfortable around you and will be able to relate to you.

Development & Goals
Create an individual plan for everyone, that way it will prevent individuals from losing sight of how they should be contributing. These plans also ensure team members know where they are held accountable but also allows you to identify where mistakes are made. Set targets with rewards and allow your team to really develop.

Celebrate the wins
Manage in a positive manner. Focus on people’s achievements, no matter how big or small, and always recognise hard work and dedication. By showing your appreciation, it really encourages your team to work as hard as they can and really succeed.

Hire Right
However hard you try, none of this will work if you don’t have the right team. You want positive, proactive, independent team members who want to develop and are dedicated to seeing the business succeed.


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