How to Negotiate a Shorter Notice Period

How to Negotiate a Shorter Notice Period

How to Negotiate a Shorter Notice Period

Handing in your notice period is never the nice part of finding a new job, but when you’ve got a long notice period to work out, it can be even worse. Here are our top tips for negotiating a shorter period…



Be clear when interviewing

Check your contract when beginning your job search, have all the facts and be clear with all recruiters and hiring managers when talking about your notice period. It’s much better they know how long your notice period is and then you try to reduce it than promising something you can’t ensure.


Hand your notice in person

Be understanding when handing in your notice – it may be a complete shock to your employer. And not only may they be upset that you’re leaving, they will be considering time, costs, team morale etc. It’s important not to jump in and start negotiating your notice period but be sure to be upfront about what you want. Be empathetic, considerate and suggest ways you can help and remember you’re negotiating not demanding – anything is better than nothing.


Follow up

Follow up with your notice in writing, including your planned leaving date. Check the number of days holiday you have left and see if you can use this to reduce the length of your notice period.


Find your replacement

Finding a replacement is likely to be the factor causing the most stress for your employer – so do what you can to help. Offer to assist in finding your replacement, help with interviews, finding candidates, suggesting agencies – we’re here to help! The quicker they find a replacement the short your notice will become – in theory.


No doesn’t always mean no

Don’t give up. If at first, your manager says no, keep working hard and keep your manager updated on your progress. If you are on track to complete your outstanding tasks before your stated notice period then raise the subject again, you might be pleasantly surprised.


Take Advice

If handing in your notice didn’t go as planned or you’re unsure how best to tackle it, ask your recruiter, they frequently deal with situations like this and will be happy to help!

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