Offer Accepted: What’s Next!?

Offer Accepted: What’s Next!?

You’ve done all the hard work, the job hunting, the interview preparation and the interviews themselves and you’ve finally landed a great offer you’re really happy with. So, what’s next?


Here’s what you need to know following accepting your offer…



Firstly, it’s really important to read through your confirmation offer (and/or contract) and make sure you’re happy with it all. Following that sign and return the offer letter confirming your start date as soon as possible.


It’s always good to speak to the Hiring Manager or HR Manager after accepting the role and let them know how excited you are. You can also ask if there’s anything, in particular, they would like you to prepare for when you start – the answer will likely be a no, but it shows commitment and enthusiasm and definitely puts you in a good light.


Starting a new job is always a great time to think about improving your current skillset. Obviously, you’ve impressed with your current skills in the interview but bettering yourself is always positive! It might be worth going back through your new job description, picking out your weaker skills from that and practising them. You could even find a couple of courses in those areas – it’s always good to be one step ahead, especially in the ever-changing world of marketing.


Stay in touch. Make your connections, LinkedIn is great for this. Have a look at some of your future colleagues, their backgrounds, what they’re posting about and send them a connection. If you’ve got a long notice period it might be worth arranging a lunch or seeing if there are any important launches/meetings you can attend before your official start date.


Research the company and stay up to date. Of course, you did research on the business before you interviewed but staying up to date is just as important. Follow their accounts on social media, have a look through their website and new content pieces. Getting a clear insight into the business helps you to slot right in.


Keep in touch with your recruiter. Staying in touch with us is so important – we’re the link between you and your new employer. We know how you’re feeling, how they’re feeling and they’re usual onboarding process. We can also give you advice and help with any potential concerns/issues you may have along the way. Plus, you can ask us all those ‘silly questions’ you don’t want to ask them.


Lastly & most importantly, enjoy the transition. It’s not every day you change your job so relax, enjoy it and get excited about your new journey!


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