How to make the onboarding process as simple and successful as possible…

How to make the onboarding process as simple and successful as possible…

There is nothing we like more than creating a perfect match between candidate and client and starting that relationship. But, whether you are the one starting the job or the one hiring, there will be a lot of change coming your way and this can be hard to deal with. We wanted to give a few suggestions to help make the onboarding process as simple and effective as possible!

Take your new employee for a drink or lunch before their start date, this gives you the chance to really get to know each other and relax around each other.  It also gives you the opportunity to give them an insight into what’s going on in the business currently.

Why not let your new employee have a late start on their first day? It gives you and your team time to prepare to invite the new member in properly. You can also get the busy morning rush out of the way before they get there!

Make sure you have a full induction programme for them, that way you can keep them busy, and they won’t have to keep stopping other members of staff to ask questions. You can also explain to them how the organisation works, who’s who and how they fit in.

Provide your new hire with an opportunity to directly hear from a customer or stakeholder is very beneficial and can really change how they view the mission of your business. Giving them direct access to the people your business or organisation is dedicated to will increase their engagement and show them the impact of their work.

Make sure if you are the line manager you have enough support from the business to be the best manager you can. Support your new employee through regular meetings and reviews, finding out what they like, what they don’t, how they are fitting in and if they need any extra training or help with any elements of their role.

Set achievable 90-day goals to give them direction from the beginning. By identifying a few realistic goals, the employee should find success quickly and be invigorated about their decision of joining your business.

It’s also a really good idea for both of you to keep in contact with your recruiter. If there are any issues, worries or doubts we can help resolve things before it progresses. We also just love to chat with you and just generally see how you are getting on.

If you have any questions or concerns about a new starter, feel free to contact us!

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