What does it really mean to partner with a recruitment agency?

What does it really mean to partner with a recruitment agency?

We know how hard it can be deciding on what businesses are right for you to partner with, so we wanted to explain in the simplest way, how working with us as a recruitment agency can add real value to your business and create a great partnership!

The Reason
Contrary to common belief, all we are ever calling for is a conversation and the opportunity to build a relationship – no hard sell. We want the chance to show why we’re different.

The Process
If you did happen to have a position you wanted us to work on for you, there is absolutely no pressure from us! Don’t want to meet our candidates? Ok. Want to use our candidates as a benchmark for the candidates that you may bring in yourself? Fine, tell us that. We just want to the opportunity to show the candidates we can provide.


With any business, whether you’re purchasing a product or investing in a service, it’s about delivery and quality. We always deliver our best. Any candidate that we represent, we believe has the correct skills, experience and personality to fit the culture and role that we are recruiting for, perfectly.

The Cost
We understand paying a fee for recruitment can be daunting, especially for small businesses. But, we think our work is worth it, and our candidates, given the chance, can prove that! The way we see it is that you may as well try it as we don’t charge anything until you have met, chosen and employed a candidate we have recommended to you.

Currently recruiting?

Give us a chance. Let us show you want we can do like we said, there’s no harm in trying – there’s nothing to lose!

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