The Perfect Hiring Process

The Perfect Hiring Process

The perfect hiring process

Finding the perfect candidate for a role is never easy, it involves a lot of hard work and can take a fair amount of time. Nailing your hiring process is crucial to finding and hiring the perfect candidate. Here are our tips for getting the right process for your business.

Know what you’re looking for

Define what you’re really looking for and tailor the job description to what would attract that candidate – here are our tips for writing a job advert that will attract the perfect candidate. Include the skills and experience that are essential but don’t ask for the world. This is a really important part of starting the hiring process as it will become a point of reference for you, your agency partner/partners and the candidates.



When sorting and sifting through CV’s it can be easy to miss out on a superstar. This can sometimes be where recruitment agencies add real value, they are used to spotting raw skills and talent in CV’s.


The Process

All businesses have a different recruitment process 2 interviews to 10, CV’s, cover letters to job trials. Create a hiring process that works for you and your business, reflects your culture but also works for your candidates. Go back to what you originally set out to look for and tailor the process to that, if it’s all about personality perhaps that’s best to gauge face-to-face. However, if you have 15 great applications that might not be viable so perhaps it would be better to start with a telephone interview.

The process that we see most commonly is two face-to-face stages with a task or presentation in the second. This seems to work quite well for both parties, a relationship can be built, and skills can be shown.

The Interviews

Professional VS relaxed is something that will always be debated. It’s important to build a rapport with your candidate and make them feel comfortable enough to be able to open up about their experience, skills, weaknesses and what they’re looking for. Remember the interview is just as much about them finding out if they like you and your business as it is you liking them.

Decision time

The most important quality for any job is attitude, if you employ someone who doesn’t really want to be there, it will never be successful. Passion, energy, and drive are essential. Make sure your enthusiasm and excitement for your business and team is shared by the candidate – if not, they are not the one!


Hire when you know it’s right. You need to have that perfect mix of skills and team fit – something we always strive to find for our clients. When you are ready to hire it’s important to do it right. Get the right offer based on what the candidate was looking for, what you were looking to offer initially and how many boxes they tick. Once all that is out the way make sure you have a thorough onboarding process to offer support and guidance to your candidate.


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