How to Tackle Your Next Hire – Tips & Tricks

How to Tackle Your Next Hire – Tips & Tricks

Of course, we are recruitment experts, so the simple answer to tackling your next hire is – give us a call!

However, we wanted to give you an insight into the way we work with some tips/tricks you can use to help you out with any recruitment issues you may find in-house when searching for the best talent. So, read on for our top tips for a successful hiring process.

Who & What?

You need to map out who you already have in your team and work out what skills you have. Often, you may be looking to hire someone you already have in your team who actually possesses the skills you need.

Identify what it is that will really add value to your team and make a difference. Ensure to use this as a reference when writing your job spec and searching to make sure you find the right person for your team.


As previously mentioned, take another look at your current team, your organisation, the way you work, how you interact with each other and so on. Culture is deeply rooted into an organisation and, in looking at this, it provides a great indicator for the types of people and personalities that will fit in well with your team and grow within the organisation.

This takes a bit of practice, something we pride ourselves on being able to get right each time! If you’re not sure on how to approach this, get some of your best team members to take a Psychometric test. Take a look at the results and maybe ask one of your candidates to do one. It can give you a bit of an indication of how different personalities might work well together.

Transferable skills

Sometimes, the perfect person might be right in front of you but you miss it! Don’t be afraid of candidates with slightly different backgrounds. They could be the exact thing you’re looking for and have a mass of relative/transferable skills and experience. You don’t need to hire people who are the same as your existing employees. In fact, hiring different people often helps with innovation and productivity in a team environment.

Sell yourself!

Whilst you are looking for candidates who will effectively have to ‘sell themselves’ as potential employees to you, you similarly need to sell your team/organisation to them. Be sure to mention all the great things about working in your organisation, the potential for career progression and all of the exciting projects the future employee will be involved in!


We have access to our vast network, which also allows us to find passive candidates that you might otherwise miss out on (the ones who are so amazing they’re off the radar and constantly being hunted down for roles).

However, there are ways to use your network to find some great people. Who do you know or who have you worked with where they have an amazing team? Do they have anyone looking for a new challenge? Do they know of anyone else who is amazing at what they do? Speak to people you know and have connections with and you can broaden your chances of finding the next member of your dream team!

Ultimately, these tips can help massively in finding the right people when looking to hire from outside of your organisation. If this seems like too much of a headache, you can always give us a call and let the pros handle it…😉

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