Relocation – City to South Coast: Why you should make the move.

Relocation – City to South Coast: Why you should make the move.

We love the South Coast (but we would say that). If you want to know why it’s such a great place to be, take a look at our top 10 reasons why you should relocate to the South Coast!



Money isn’t everything, but it is important! It’s pretty common knowledge that London isn’t the cheapest place to live and you can get a lot more for your money in the South! For example, in London a 3 bed house can be sold for the bank breaking figure of £7,000,000, whereas a similar purchase could be made in Bournemouth for around £600,000.



As much as London is seen as city flourishing with opportunity, Bournemouth is the South’s very own digital hub. With around 200 Marketing and Digital agencies and around 8,000 businesses varying in size, there is an endless amount of opportunity and a buzzing marketing network.



Your chance of getting the perfect job is much higher in the South! There is less competition which makes the initial process much quicker and easier! This also means that once you have secured your role, your talent and skills are noticed and appreciated so much more from your company and team.



Whether you’re a young professional, family or more senior/experienced professional, Bournemouth and Dorset could be the perfect place to relocate to. There’s something for everyone. Whilst being able to maintain a successful, rewarding career, you can escape the frantic fog of London and enjoy the fresh sea air and nearby countryside.


Don’t forget your dancing shoes

Whilst London has a huge party seen, all is not lost in the South. There is plenty of different places down South to get out and about and enjoy; including live music, music festivals, clubs, pubs and bars. You won’t be left without things to do if you relocate to the South.



Not wishing to blow our own trumpets but we’re a nice bunch! (So are most in London too but there’s a different level of friendliness and a different pace of life here). Building relationships are so important and with numerous networking and socialising opportunities, the friendly nature you experience from the people of Dorset makes building lasting relationships in business and your personal life that much easier.


The Space

The simple fact is that there’s less people, this means that not only do you get to enjoy a bit more of your own personal space, but you can also easily travel around without the mayhem and stress of London traffic.



You also realise that you do actually have legs that work. Walking around London is pretty hectic…so you spend most of your time cooped up in cramped tube stations. However, in the South, nearly everything you could need is within walking distance! You’re also able to cycle without the worry of knocking someone over or getting knocked over!



There are so many lovely landmarks in London, but there are also numerous breath taking spots across the South Coast from the wild horses in the New Forest to Durdle Door on the Jurassic Coast! You won’t be left disappointed and these unspoiled spots are a great place to be close to that you can enjoy all year round.



Who doesn’t love animals!? Living in London for a long time can leave you yearning for some countryside. There is plenty of wildlife to admire outside of the city other than the pigeons trying to steal your food at lunch. Spending your weekend out in the fresh air will give you a fresh perspective and new level of motivation ready to hit the office work hard on Monday!

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