Staff Retention –  How to Keep the Good Ones!

Staff Retention –  How to Keep the Good Ones!

Staff retention is crucial for businesses of all sizes – it tends to improve customer satisfaction, sales and in-depth knowledge of the business. Frequently losing staff has a huge impact on businesses; the cost of their replacement, training and development, lost knowledge and uncertainty for employees. So as a business owner or manager it is important to do all you can to retain your employees.


The Negatives

There are lots of reoccurring reasons for leaving including; salary, lack of opportunity, commute and work-life balance. It is important to have regular meetings with your employees to gauge how they are feeling about their role. If there are any concerns work with them to amend them. It’s all about compromise.



Every business has their own individual core values and culture, so play to yours and create one people genuinely want to be in. Results and productivity always improve with a happy workforce! One business we work with even have a 100% flexible working policy, no managers and unlimited holiday check them out –



Everyone likes a treat once in a while and by keeping an element of surprise it makes each and everyone one really special. A pizza day, drinks or a cake, whatever takes your fancy. Take a look at some of the treats we’ve enjoyed previously (pub lunches, beers, gigs etc)



As a manager, you need to be able to understand that every member of your team is an individual with a whole life aside from work. Here at Jamie Miller Marketing Recruitment, we have a flexible working policy allowing employees to finish work early one day a week. Being able to adapt to their specific needs will make them feel trusted and valued, making them love coming to work.



Help your staff grow whether it’s a professional course or shadowing, developing your staff is always a win-win. Helping them learn will only aid the business and keep your employees happy and knowledgeable.


Hire Right

None of this will work if you haven’t got the right people in your team. You need to start this process with upbeat, dedicated and hard-working professionals who want to be in your business. Using a recruitment agency like us is the best way to find these people. Find out what it’s really like to partner with a recruitment agency like us here.



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