Start Ups VS Global Giants

Start Ups VS Global Giants

With companies ranging in size from start-ups to multi-million pound organisations, it can be hard to know what they can offer, where you can learn most and what the best option for you is! So where do you belong? In a buzzing young business filled with sparky enthusiasts or a company with a house hold name and knowledgeable experts…


Risky Business

Start-ups must take risks, in fact the start-up itself is one big risk! If you launch a product and it’s not resonating with consumers making small adjustments will not help therefore start-ups must move quickly and make big decisions. But that creates pace and when it goes well it’s a feeling you won’t forget!

Glory Seekers

Glory Seekers

This method of high risk high reward gives you a sense of ownership and responsibility and when success comes to the business your team will come together and you will all be able to share the glory.  When everything flows and functions together as one, there will be a buzz and energy that everyone will feel but if there is a loss then you will feel it harder than somewhere else. It’s up to you as the staff to reduce the failures and stride for success.


The big dream

At a start-up, it can be hard for you to separate yourself from the business which tends to lead to business spilling into your own time working towards the dream of one day becoming more than just a start-up but a company of Real Value…

Start Person

A start-up ‘kinda’ person

Be well rounded, if you can be adaptable and work through several problems you will be highly valued at any start up. Be proactive, you’re not going to have someone to mentor you through every situation, you are going to have to learn on your feet and pick things up quick! Be optimistic – You must believe what you’re doing is of value for it to be valuable. You need have faith in you, your ability, the team and the company!

Big Better.

Is bigger really better?

Global companies are obviously more risk -averse, which can sometimes be perceived as complacency but often this tends to be an unfair criticism. They still offer the opportunity to work on smaller more exciting initiatives but of course their priority is growing the product or service that brought success to them.



The name comes with the reputation and high expectations, you have to deliver on your promises and standards! But, the company is guaranteed to be full of experts in different areas that likely to be able to help you and pass on a variety of knowledge.



With such a tight structure, you may feel like your ideas can be lost or take for ever to get reviewed but the great thing about being closely managed is your enthusiasm and dedication should be recognised quickly. In turn, you will be trusted more, be praised and may even get more training or offered different opportunities.


Don’t lose sight

The company (depending on size) may even be able to offer experience working on different brands or in different industries because there are so large, they are likely to have many different products, teams, and roles. However due the size, you could start to lose sight of how your role directly effects the business and consumer and start to feel detached.  But remember… the company is only as good as its staff and every member of the team is responsible for the success.

Global Person

A global giant ‘kinda’ person

You have to be able to prioritise the success of the team/company above your own individual desires and be a true team player. But, while generalists are start-up heroes, you will be of more value to a global company with a specific skill set, as they will look to build large teams with the best of the best. Be a great communicator, if you can give a large group of people a clear picture of what’s going on, you save everyone time, effort and energy and who wouldn’t admire that!


So which are you? A start-up ‘kinda’ person or a global giant ‘kinda’ person? We work with a range of businesses of different sizes as we think they both offer great opportunities so check out our current vacancies here.

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