What to Look for in a Job Other Than the Number On Your Pay Slip

What to Look for in a Job Other Than the Number On Your Pay Slip

Read on for some advice on picking the right job & some tips that should make getting out of bed in the morning a little bit easier!


A fit snugger than your skinny jeans!


Find a culture that is flexible and is more focused on you completing your work to the best of your ability rather than being a slave to the schedule of the day. Choose a role where you feel you are adding value and making a positive difference.


Know your worth!


Don’t get me wrong, you should appreciate your pay cheque (always a monthly highlight), but that goes straight to the bank. However, self-appreciation is something you can carry with you every day. This appreciation can be communicated through respect, incentives, or just an old-fashioned “thank-you.” Trust from an employer is something that will always be appreciated by an employee. It’s nice to know that somebody isn’t always looking over your shoulder and, when you are given a task, you are given the freedom to complete it.


Make your passion your pay cheque!


As cringe-worthy as it is, the old saying, “Find a job that you love and you’ll never have to work a day in your life,” is completely true! Look for a role that keeps you motivated by its very nature, not solely by the figure you see in your pay cheque. The ability to look back at your day, your week, your year, with satisfaction is more valuable than any amount of money sitting in the bank.

Work life balance

Work isn’t everything!


Look for a company offering a work life balance and by ‘work life balance’ we do NOT mean 95% work, 5% life!  As mentioned, when you love your work it is not really work. But if you are not allowed to explore other endeavours because of its demands, it can become wearing. Find a job that allows you to enjoy your life outside of work too.

For example, you value your family so your job should too. This could be in the form of a generous holiday allowance, employee benefits including discounts & vouchers and even just a considerate boss/ manager. We all know life doesn’t always go to plan and sometimes it does get in the way of your work. However, if this isn’t a regular occurrence, your boss should be understanding.

Better yourself

Better yourself, not just your company’s revenue!


Look for a position that challenges you to grow and improve. Whether this is through stimulating assignments, educational opportunities, demanding brilliance, or informal mentoring, a job that pushes you to grow beyond your current skill set. This will make you a better person and will also benefit the company. Win, Win.

Teamwork icon

Teamwork makes the dream work!


Make sure you can enjoy time with your co-workers. You will spend a large percentage of your time with them and if you don’t get along, it may become miserable. Good relationships at work can be very beneficial and comforting. It means you have support, someone to cheer for you, and the opportunity to work together as a team.

Be yourself

Find a role that allows you to be you!


We all have unique personalities that can thrive in different environments. You deserve a role that fits yours. Some enjoy completing tasks, others like working with people. Some relish making the decisions, whilst others take pleasure following lead. Find a job that satisfies you and your desires.


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