How To Use Instagram As A Successful Business Tool

How To Use Instagram As A Successful Business Tool

Despite being one of the most underrated business tools, boasting over 600 million users, surely Instagram is an essential market to target. But how do you change those distance followers and likers into loyal customers and brand lovers?

Follow & Engage

A lot of businesses find it harder to grow a following on Instagram than other social media platforms. Start by finding the brands and people you enjoy and can learn from, follow your competitor’s followers as they are likely to be very interested in you and your product/service.

Relationships Are Everything

Then, you can build relationships with them by following, liking and commenting on their posts, this should, in turn, boost your engagement. These relationships can be reinforced by following on multiple social media platforms, so follow all your Twitter followers.


There are currently 95 million photos and videos shared on Instagram per day and you have to make your post stand out. Make your Instagram page a mixture of fun images and pictures from your business or of your product but don’t post too much!

When posting a picture make sure it fits with the rest of your images and looks nice next to them. Filters can help ensure this, in fact, 60% of the top brands on Instagram use the same filter for every post.

The Renowned Hashtag

The key thing to remember here is quality, not quantity! Posts that include at least one hashtag, on average, receive 12.6% more engagement than those without. When using hashtags, use relevant, popular ones, remembering the aim is to reach as many relevant people as possible (people who will be interested in your brand and product or service.) You may also have brand specific hashtags that you already use on Twitter, by using these on multiple platforms you strengthen your brand identity and begin to create your own community.

Link it all up

It’s all about having integrated social media so your consumers see you everywhere. So, share posts and images from Instagram on all your other platforms to help people who don’t know your Instagram to find you.


Once you have built up a following on Instagram, you have to appreciate how precious that is – it is a direct way you can contact people you really want to. Whether you have a promotion on or you’re running an event, you can share with your followers of course, but by direct messaging them you can ensure they see it, create a more personal approach and could even spark a conversation.


Following up after interaction on Instagram is a great idea. Again, it strengthens your brand and relationship with the consumer and shows your proactive. Whether it’s an email or phone call, it will help that person recognise and remember your brand and if it doesn’t lead to an automatic success, it will still benefit the relationship in the long term.

We love Instagram and for us, it has been a real success, try our tips and let us know about your successes!

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